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The only time I'll mention my equipment

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Okay, lets do a rundown of all the equipment I use:

Rath R9 custom bass trombone

Gold brass bell

Gold brass tuning slide

Hagmann valves

Nickle slide

No. 9 (6?) leadpipe

MP - Laskey 95D, gold w/ tone ring (unknown origin)

Got this horn summer of 2008 at Dillon Music, been my main horn ever since.

Bach 42 custom made, Grady Instrument Services

Rose gold and yellow brass bells

OG Thayer valve (before selling patent)

Either a 42 slide or 50 slide depending on rep

MP - Bach 2G

Conn 5h my first trombone

MP - Wick 4AY small shank

This is my pea shooter, and commercial horn. I'm pretty sure my dad got me this horn as my first just in case I didn't follow through on trombone, at least he'd have another cool horn. Serial number on this horn dates it back to between 1936-1939.

Bach 50BO3 my first bass trombone

Standard valves

Added thumb rest courtesy of Grady Instrument Services

MP - I was using my Laskey 95D with this over the summer while fixing up my Rath. If I need to use this horn in performance I'm going to mess around with the mouthpiece. The Laskey is just too much mouthpiece for that horn. See if a small step down to a Greg Black 1G will be small enough, or go all the way back to a Bach 1 1/4G.

This was my first own bass trombone, and was a gift from my grandparents. Prior to this horn, I had been using a Besson bass trombone that my high school owned. That was when I got addicted to Hagmann valves. Talk about being spoiled having Hagmann's on your first bass trombone.

Holton Falcone, B101 euphonium

MP Wick 4AY small shank

A non compensating euphonium. Fun fact about this horn, its original owner was Steve Amundson, orchestra director at St. Olaf College.

Okay, there I've listed my equipment for those curious minds. Please don't forget this: equipment does not make the player, the player makes the equipment.

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