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Hi everyone!

Having completed many other tasks on my never ending To-Do list, I've finally begun the resurrection of the blog. The last go at this was over a year ago, and it really didn't work. So of course we're going to take another stab at this medium, without changing much and expecting different results! What could possibly go wrong?

Right now, the plan is to have a new post every Friday. First couple posts will be about current events in the music realm, and I'll figure out a new topic/series for the fall. In the meantime, the next several Tuesdays I'll be wrapping up my ill fated practice series from spring 2019 (I have multiple unfinished drafts from that series!)

Not sure what this blog will turn into, but I hope it will be a vehicle for people to read how an average artist lives in these times. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading!


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