Step 2: Use a drone

Congratulations, you've started using a metronome! All of here at Good Rhythm, Inc. are proud of your efforts and your continued dedication to not messing up. So you're playing everything in pretty good time now, but you still don't understand why you aren't getting the gig. Well do I have a solution for you! It's called TUNING. Only discovered recently by our R&D Department at our subsidiary company of Psychology: Why Do I Still Suck, LLC; tuning is a revolutionary way to make many of your faults disappear before your very own ears. But how do I achieve this? Well with a drone of course! Well, its one of the ways. I'll discuss another way in a later post. So why should you use a drone? Dron

Step 1: Use a metronome

The Metronome. My dreaded enemy, the executor of truth and justice. All through out my early music life I despised the little machine that sat atop the piano in our living room. I would almost never use it, until my parents were tired of hearing me play piano scales completely wrong, and insist upon me using the white knight of meter that confirms my inability to play music. The metronome didn't take in my early trombone playing either. I thought I knew everything about the trombone (no really, you can ask my music teachers, I was a pain in the ass.) I really wouldn't take to the unbiased instantaneous humbling solutions until I reached college. Even then I waged war in my psyche on how much


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