Life After Music School - Final Thoughts

I do hope that these blogs posts have been helpful in understanding what being a musician takes. This series was written in hopes of helping the next generation of musicians avoid some of the harder lessons in the stories School of Hard Knocks. One of the things you need to remember that with all the preparation and networking you can do, this all takes a little bit of luck. The preparation and networking increase your chances of succeeding when that lucky chance occurs. Don't give up, keep working at your craft, keep meeting new people. Who knows what doors will open for you. At the moment when I was deciding whether to actively pursue more commercial work, I started winning orchestra jobs

Life After Music School - Your Health

A musician's health is something I feel many don't discuss, or do with little emphasis. The understanding that dedicating yourself to your craft will eventually result in achieving your goal and validating your personal sacrifices, is true. But letting your body and mind go to waste while pursuing your craft is a shoddy way to ensure you can enjoy your success later. Before going any further, it should be said I am not a licensed psychiatrist or therapist; these are just my insights and life experiences that may help you avoid, or at least recognize, when you're in negative health spaces. Let’s first tackle the physical aspect of being a musician. I'll be the first to admit I am not a stunn


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